Access to physical infrastructure
Rent space for your telecommunications services equipment on our infrastructure. It can be located, for example, in a cable duct, utility tunnel, inspection chamber, distribution cabinet or on an antenna mast.
  • Minimising the cost of building your own infrastructure
  • Most options in terms of the number of locations in the Czech Republic
Typical end customer:
  • national operators
Location of services:
  • throughout the Czech Republic
Access to physical infrastructure

We offer rental space for your equipment within our infrastructure for providing telecommunications services. For example, you can place cable ducts, utility tunnels, inspection chambers, distribution cabinets or antenna masts.

Who can submit a request for access?

According to law, only an authorised person who is the operator of a public communications network or an obligated authority has the right to submit a request. We refer to such entities as applicants.

What documents must be provided with the request?
  1. The required items pursuant to Section 4(2) of the Act
    • Definition of the physical infrastructure to which the applicant requests access
    • Filled-in contract template
    • Specification of the elements of the equipment that the applicant wishes to permanently place on the physical infrastructure
    • Proposal of the equipment deployment project and time schedule of its implementation
    • A description of the project that justifies the legitimacy of the request and the scope of the project
  2. Additional documents, if any

Files for download All necessary documents and services on one place.

Contract template

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