International services
Why work with CETIN?
  • We are one of the leading providers of wholesale telecommunications services in Central Europe and a major transit operator in Europe
  • We have an international core network with a physicalpresence at POPs in London, Vienna, Frankfurt, Bratislava and are planning expansionto Asia
  • A complete portfolio of wholesale services for internationaland national businesspartners, including value-added services for mobile operators
International services

We offer the following services to international operators:

  1. Voice services
    • wholesale international voice services for more than 160 customers worldwide
    • interconnection of dozens of mobile networks, for which we provide the highest quality routing
    • superb quality of services with different ways and locations of interconnection
  2. Data services
    • utilisation of the most reliable and extensive telecommunications network in the Czech Republic and the network of partner networks of operators in other countries
    • connection in almost any location
    • data services that cover all customer requirements in the highest quality
  3. Mobile services
    • tailor-made solutions for mobile operators to allow them to provide the best services to their end customers
    • use of own technical resources and an extensive international network

Other services for corporate

Data centre and commercial hosting
Data centre and commercial hosting
Location of network elements in our buildings and premises