NIS2: New law on cyber security

We will fully resolve NIS2 with you. From the introductory consultation, through the audit and solution development to the final implementation. All comply with NIS2 and legislative regulations.

Cyber Security Services

We can help you with NIS2
Our services:

Entry consultation

We will conduct a simple initial consultation to assess your security needs by NIS2.

Cyber Security Audit

A detailed audit of existing organisational and technical cyber security measures is carried out and weaknesses are identified.

Design of the solution

We design a cybersecurity system for your company that complies with NIS2 and possibly other legislative regulations.

Implementation and outsourcing

Our offer includes a complete implementation of the proposed solution and the possibility of outsourcing cyber security services.

So why choose us?

We are a Trusted Introducer member. This is a global authority that unites cyber security teams such as the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). 

What do you gain with us?

Our experience and know-how will provide you with:


Sense of security

Cyber security will help to eliminate cyber threats effectively. You'll gain resilience to attacks and protect your company's key activities.

Minimum cost

We design a comprehensive security solution requiring minimal implementation, management, and operation time.

Lead over the competition

By meeting your legislative obligations, you protect not only yourself but also your customers and citizens.

Expert approach

We help ensure that process, documentation, and technical obligations are met. All with an expert approach.

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