Acting ethically with transparency and integrity


Our targets

Responsibility for the safety, health, and well-being of individuals is embraced at all stages of our operations, including supply chains. Our policy is to work with suppliers who aspire to the same social and environmental standards as the CETIN. CETIN is committed to comply with all legal regulations and international treaties in all areas of its operation, within all its activities and in relation to any third parties and public authorities, and in relation to its associates.

100 % employees trained on sustainability in 2024

Sustainability training will be introduced throughout the whole company CETIN and we aim for 100 % all employee participation by 2024.

Supplier engagement plan

Till the end of 2024, we will develop a plan that will set out procedures for engaging in dialogue with key suppliers on the alignment of our values on climate change, environment, ethics, health, safety, and product stewardship.

Whistle–blowing channel for all stakeholders

We will establish a Whistle–blowing mechanism for all stakeholders.

Progress highlights

100 % employees trained on sustainability

Our holding company PPF Telecom Group has prepared an online course on sustainability that consists of 5 different modules and is accessible to our employees. 100% of senior management has already participated in the training.

Supplier engagement plan

We are developing a comprehensive supplier engagement plan. We are implementing principles and procedures that will allow us to align our values on climate change, ethics, human rights protection, health and safety, and product stewardship with our key suppliers. In October 2023 we have started implementing Supplier Code of Conduct into new contractual agreements.

Whistle–blowing channel for all stakeholders

We have launched dedicated whistle-blowing channel for reporting unlawfull behavior available on our website and fully complained with Czech legislation.

Documents for download

Download the detailed ESG Report and read about our goals
Governance and ethics
Etický kodex Skupiny PPF
PPF Telecom Group Supplier Code of Conduct