Putting people at the center of our business


Our targets

Understanding our employees and customers is one our key priorities. We improve customer engagement processes to help us collect and incorporate feedback and continually improve our services and products. To further enhance our corporate culture, employee engagement, and relationship productivity, we improve interaction with employees and take the time to understand what affects and motivates them.

60% employee participation in satisfaction surveys

Our goal is to achieve greater than 60% participation in company surveys and to improve that percentage annually.

Robust well-being program

The well-being program is designed with a strong emphasis on enhancing the overall physical and mental health of employees. Simultaneously, the program aims to foster a healthy work-life balance for all employees. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including sports matches, exercises, seminars, and workshops on healthy eating, and mental health.

0 workplace injuries

We will secure injury prevention programs in place designed to keep injuries to employees classified as severe or fatal at zero.

Equal opportunities for everyone

We will establish a talent development program that is also aimed at encouraging women to develop their careers at CETIN and increasing female representation in managerial positions.

Support local communities with donations and engagement

We will engage with communities in Czech republic.

Progress highlights

72% employee participation in satisfaction surveys

We have achieved 72 % participation in surveys with our employees we performed in 2023.

Robust well-being program

In 2023, the Well-being programme featured diverse activities, with key events including the Sports Games in Rakovník, Health Weeks, and an international football tournament with 460 athletes. Emphasizing health, the programme offered seminars, workshops, and health checks, alongside mental well-being initiatives like family and children's days. Physical activities ranged from walking and water sports to biking and semi-professional races.

0 workplace injuries

In 2023, we had 0 employee injuries classified as severe or fatal.

Equal opportunities for everyone

We have adopted diversion and inclusion policy and we are upskilling our senior leadership teams on diversity and unconscious bias, and our aim is to have the knowledge and approach cascaded and have all employees upskilled before the end of year 2024. We have started a talent development program that also supports women in their career growth to managerial roles.

Support local communities with donations and engagement

In cooperation with PPF Foundation and The Kellner Family Foundation, CETIN Czechia in 2022 donated CZK 50 million towards schooling and language lessons for Ukrainian refugees. The Textbooks for Ukraine programme distributed around 340,000 Czech textbooks, Czech-Ukrainian dictionaries and teachers’ manuals. Intended for all ages, these resources were supplied free to schools, other educational institutions and individuals.

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