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Our targets

At CETIN, we are passionate about the technology that forms the backbone of our existence. We aim to accelerate the uptake of digital technology in all locations where we operate. We design, build and operate high-quality networks and provide innovative solutions with no compromise in security. CETIN is well positioned to enable a rapid and cost-effective transition to optical fiber and 5G networks. Sometimes, however, conditions do not yet allow high-quality optical connections. CETIN is therefore extracting the maximum possible from its existing copper cable networks. Diversity such as this allows us to connect as many people as possible, even in areas that might have otherwise been difficult to reach. In the age of digitalization, no one should be left behind.

Enable 5G coverage by 2027

Our goal is to make 5G connectivity available to at least 80 % of the population by 2025, and 90 % of the population by 2027, in the Czech republic. In urban areas, we aim for our 5G network to deliver connectivity speed above 250Mbps.

Fiber coverage by 2027

We aim to bring full fiber internet infrastructure (FTTH, Fiber-to-the-home) to 1 million households in Czechia by 2027.

Resilient and reliable network

We aim to further improve network reliability and quality of the national critical infrastructures in all countries where we operate and always actively help national authorities in case of natural disaster. We will further stren­gthen the protection of customer data and increase the resilience of our networks to cyberattack and cyberfraud.

Progress highlights

Enable 5G coverage by 2027

By the end of 2023, 5G connectivity was available to 74 % of the population in the countries of our presence. Specifically in Czechia 5G coverage reached 74 % of the population.

Fiber coverage by 2027

We already brought full fiber internet infrastructure to 344 thousand households in Czechia by the end of 2023.

Resilient and reliable network

In 2022, we have implemented the first phase of the full-scope security information and event management system and started to continuously support awareness of all external contractors through cyber security training. In 2023, we have implemented internal Security Operation Centres (SOC) in all our entities, including follow-up procedures for monitoring and responding to incidents.

Documents for download

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