Comprehensive data services for medium and large businesses
Take advantage of CETIN’s extensive infrastructure and offer data services to end customers in the category of medium and large businesses. The service has a wide range of options, in banking systems it ensures maximum security of a dedicated line and corporate branches can be connected via Ethernet with speed of up to 300 Mb/s.
  • A combination of different technologies (fiber, metallic and radio link)
  • Guaranteed service and availability (SLA)
Typical end customer
  • medium-sized and large businesses
Location of the services
  • throughout the Czech Republic

Offer your medium and large corporate end customers delivery of services at speeds from 64 kbps to 300 Mbps. It is a wholesale end-to-end solution.

The RADO offer consists of several blocks, which together form a truly flexible environment for telecom providers to create products for their own service customers.

The offer consists of:
  • Access line connecting your customer via a metallic, fiber or radio link to the agreed collocation in the regional capital,
  • Simple Interface service which represents the handover interface for transit capacity from the region in question.
  • Deployment of the provider’s infrastructure without their own investment,
  • Nonstop (24/7) monitoring,
  • Backup access line at discounted price,
  • Wider support for network technologies (TDM, Ethernet),
  • Wide options of the SLAs provided,
  • The possibility of using different types of technologies - fiber, copper, radio.
We offer the access to our customers in two versions:
  1. Asymmetric transmission speeds - Carrier speeds – Carrier Ethernet Access (CEA)
    • 512 kb/s to 40 Mb/s for downstream
    • 128 kb/s to 4 Mb/s for upstream
  2. Symmetric transmission speeds – Carrier Ethernet Access
    • 64 kb/s to 300 Mb/s for downstream and upstream
CTA – Carrier TDM Access

The service provides transmission capacity between the CETIN network termination point and the handover point at speeds from 64 kbps up to 34 Mbps. The service is always synchronous.

The second price element of the service is the Simple Interface CTA process, which includes transit within the region and the handover interface between CETIN network and the partner in the form of a structured access with a capacity of 155 Mb/s (STM-1).

CEA – Carrier Ethernet Access

The service provides transmission capacity between the CETIN network termination point and the handover point at asymmetric speeds from 512 kb/s for downstream and 128 kb/s for upstream up to symmetric speed of 300 Mb/s.

The CEA service is offered in several versions:
  1. Basic service without the choice of access technology,
  2. Service defined by the microwave link in uncoordinated bands,
  3. Guaranteed technological solution represented by the CEA Speci version.
Additional services
It is possible to purchase additional services to the basic RADO (CEA) service. We offer the following:
  1. VLAN Transparent

    This service offers transparent data transmission.

  2. Project survey

    For RADO services, which are newly implemented via microwave or fiber access technology, a project survey can be provided with the preparation of basic documentation for the implementation of the service.

  3. Express Set Up

    The service includes express set-up or change of the Access to Local Loop.

  4. Backup

    A backup data line of the Carrier Ethernet Access (CEA) service can be implemented on the existing access network at a discount.

SLA level Monthly availability Failure rectification speed Failure report response time Length of interruption due to maintenance and scheduled work
Unit % hours hours hours/year
SLA 99.0 99,0 12 1 10
SLA 99.5 99,5 8 1 10
SLA 99.7 99,7 6 1 10
SLA 99.9 99,9 4 1 10
SLA 99,9xx 99,9xx 1 1 10

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