Ethernet connection for businesses
CAS (Carrier Access Simple) is a nationwide service for connecting headquarters with the branches of your customers via CETIN Ethernet. Carrier Access Simple allows connections from asymmetric speeds (different download and upload speeds) to symmetric speeds (same download and upload speeds) up to 300 Mb/s with easy connection to local networks. CAS is provided on metallic, fibre optic and radio access technology.
  • Point-to-multipoint topology
  • Geographical flexibility in terms of the location of end sites and headquarters
  • No fee for the central interconnection point
  • Possibility of guaranteed throughput and response
  • Guaranteed service and availability (SLA)
Typical end customer:
  • businesses with multiple branches
Location of services:
  • the whole of the Czech Republic

Provide data traffic to your end customers who need to connect on the basis of point-to-multipoint topology. We offer asymmetric speeds of 100 Mb/s for downstream and 20 Mb/s for upstream. Symmetric speeds range from 2 Mb/s to 300 Mb/s. All this is done using a metallic and optical access network.

We offer CAS (Carrier Access Simple) services in two versions:
  1. CAS

    The type of access technology (metallic or fibre network) for this service is determined by CETIN. We offer asymmetric speeds (use of metallic network), namely 100 Mb/s for downstream and 20 Mb/s for upstream. Symmetric speeds are offered in the range of 10 Mb/s to 300 Mb/s. One advantage is the backup option.

  2. CAS MW

    This service uses point-to-point microwave link technology in uncoordinated bands at 10 GHz, 17 GHz or 24 GHz. The supported speeds are symmetric in the range from 10 Mb/s to 300 Mb/s. An advantage is the backup option.

Additional services


The Carrier Access Simple service is provided with a SLA with monthly availability of 99.0 for the basic version and 99.5 for the extended version.

VLAN Transparent – transparent transmission, the so-called CVLAN

Express service set-up

The CAS service includes express set-up/change of access to the local loop according to your needs, even faster than the typical service set-up/change.

Files for download All necessary documents and services on one place.

Description of the service and detailed information on the technologies

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