Regional internet, voice and television connection for households
If you are a local operator and want to provide services where you do not have your own network, you can easily expand by adding 2,500 locations. As with the MMO service, you can offer your customers internet, television and internet telephony, but with a focus on the selected location.
  • Lower prices compared to MMO thanks to access only to the locations you choose
  • Suitable for partners as an extension of their own network
  • The same maintenance service as for nationwide services
Typical end customer:
  • households in selected locations
Location of services:
  • you can select from 2,500 areas throughout the Czech Republic

Are you unable to provide services where you don't have your own network? You can expand it thanks to VULA. Offer Internet, television and voice in selected locations, via metallic cables or optical access network.

  • Product offer scalability
  • Affordable prices, thanks to payment for selected locations
  • Full maintenance service, same as for nationwide services
  • Deployment of infrastructure without your own investment
We offer the following types of interconnection:
  • Optical infrastructure
  • Metallic infrastructure
The service is provided in the following versions:

    for transmission speeds up to and including 55 Mb/s


    for transmission speeds up to and including 110 Mb/s


    for transmission speeds a) up to and including 273 Mb/s for the service versions for DSL CA, i.e., metallic line, and b) up to and including 1000 Mb/s for the optical fibre connection versions

  4. FIX

    for transmission speeds up to and including 1000 Mb/s

VULA NNI – Ethernet

An Ethernet connection option is available based on the network-to-network (NNI) interface. Specifically, we offer VULA NNI 1Gb/s where the Gigabit Ethernet physical interface is used.

Files for download All necessary documents and services on one place.

Description of the service and detailed information on the technologies
Contract template

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