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Enabling the fast transfer of collected data from the Czech Republic to Germany in a flash

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Enabling the fast transfer of collected data from the Czech Republic to Germany in a flash

Fast data transfer between two countries? We helped to set up just the thing for a company whose mission is to create innovative car features. Part of their work is also trialling cars on test tracks in the Czech Republic, from where it was necessary to send the results to Germany. How did we handle it?

During testing, sensors and vehicles are exposed to various weather conditions, speeds and manoeuvres. In the vehicles, there are large hard disks from which it was necessary to collect data during the testing and send it to Germany. Then, from there, instructions should arrive on how to change any vehicle configurations and test them again in motion.

How did we help?

  • we connected the test tracks with the headquarters in Germany

  • we provided an independent network with a requirement for a low delay in data transmission

  • 2 active lines which transmit data in an amplified form or otherwise modified for its fast and high-quality transfer

  • L2 ethernet services that ensure transmission security

  • snetwork routing

  • dynamic switching of traffic between active and backup lines

Of course, fast data transfers abroad have high demands on capacity and speed. Therefore, it was necessary to propose a solution that could meet them. The aim was then to find a suitable route for the data to travel to Germany and back as quickly as possible. This was possible thanks to our CEA profi service. We arranged the mapping of the transmission route, on the basis of which the correct transparency was created. Furthermore, L2 ethernet services were delivered, which connected all the test tracks to each other and, at the same time, to the headquarters in Germany.

The company can now easily transfer the necessary information from vehicles to headquarters quickly and securely. Thanks to this, it has the opportunity to improve the properties of vehicles, i.e., the resulting products, which then have greater value and automatically ensure a higher profit.

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