Fully transparent Ethernet connection of two LANs
This service is suitable for businesses that need to connect two LANs in different geographical locations, including abroad. We offer symmetric speeds from 2 Mb/s to 5 Gb/s. The CEP service uses licensed radio, fibre optic and dedicated metallic access infrastructure.
  • Suitable for transferring large amounts of data
  • Minimum delay in data transmission
  • Guaranteed maintenance service and service availability through SLA
Typical end customer:
  • operators or multinational companies
Location of services:
  • the Czech Republic and abroad

The CEP wholesale service is an ideal solution for the transmission of large amounts of data requiring high transparency. To achieve this, it uses, among other things, the largest optical infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

We offer the following types of interconnection:
  • Optical infrastructure
  • Radio network
  • Metallic infrastructure
Which benefits does CEP offer to the Partner?
  • Continuous monitoring and care by our specialists who are available at the helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Available throughout the Czech Republic as well as abroad
  • Reliable solution for the transmission of large data volumes
  • Enables implementation of the access part by means of a radio link without reducing the quality
  • High scalability of transmission speeds from 2 Mb/s to 5 Gb/s
  • Cost savings for high-capacity backbone solutions
  • Basic SLA level of 99.5 with the option of expansion
SLA – Guaranteed service support

The subject of the SLA (agreed service level) is CETIN-guaranteed parameters of monthly availability and maximum duration of service failure.

Basic overview of the SLA:
SLA level Monthly availability (in %) Maximum failure duration (hours) Failure report response time (hours)
SLA 99.0 99,0 12 1
SLA 99.5 99,5 8 1
SLA 99.7 99,7 6 1
SLA 99.9 99,9 4 1
SLA 99,9xx 99,9xx 1 1

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Description of the service and detailed information on the technologies

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