CIPC – CARRIER IP CONNECT offering secured interconnection of LAN NETWORKS WITHIN VPN with QOS support


CETIN provides for the most extensive availability of digital transmission services in the Czech Republic. The CIPC proposition contains the top quality and most extensive offer of digital transmission services designed to best suit the needs of any provider.  


  • IP VPN availability and coverage in the Czech Republic;
  • Flexibility;
  • Good price;
  • Simple implementation, IP on both ends (user LAN and WAN of the provider);
  • SLA available for a surcharge; 
  • Point-multipoint topology with one Carrier Gateway;
  • High scalability of transmission speeds for end users from 64 kbps to do 100 Mbps;
  • QoS support;
  • Nonstop 24/7 monitoring and SLA;
  • MPLS protocol is used to create VPN without virtual circles or tunnels.


Experience the reliable and professional approach of CETIN. Our expert will take you through the entire Carrier IP Connect proposition explaining all the technical and price details. The CETIN expert will guide you through the entire process of contract negotiations, selection of suitable services and capacity and launch of cooperation.


The CIPC services are provided through the BGP/MPLS protocol to create secured Virtual Private Networks (IP VPN) according to operator’s requirements. Therefore, operators can create VPN networks also in locations where their own network is not available. The service makes it possible to connect LAN (a Local Area Network) to operator’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). In order to ensure high reliability of the service, CETIN uses the MPLS protocol operated on fully backed-up systems to build VPN in its backbone network. The price for the service includes access lines and routers located in customer’s premises remotely controlled by CETIN.

The CIPC proposition consists of several blocks providing a very flexible environment that can be used by operators to develop their competitive services. The proposition includes CIPC access line, lease of CPE and Carrier GW. 


The CIPC services also include:

  • End-user CPE device by CISCO installed by CETIN engineers. Operators benefit from professional installation, service and CPE monitoring by CETIN;
  • Access circuit – capacity of a circuit built with the use of all access technologies operated by CETIN, capacities as requested;
  • VPN stream – VPN Stream service ensures handover of individual IP VPN between IP/MPLS of the CETIN network and operator’s network. The service is built as a virtual channel using physical services of Carrier Gateway and is defined on a logical port (VRF) or VLAN by a bandwidth assigned at Gateway;
  • Carrier Gateway – provides physical access operated by CETIN to be used by other operators between the backbone IP/MPLS network of CETIN and operator’s network, the Ethernet technology is used.

The CIPC offer is designed for small as well as large retail telecommunications companies who can use it to provide L3 VPN anywhere in the Czech Republic.



The Service speed rate is limited by the throughput in SDH/WDM/IP backbone, which is set up according to the Service order form.
The end point of Partner or Partner´s Subscriber location is Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-Tx/LX and 10G BASE-LR.
The individual Access services are provided through various technologies in the CETIN network depending on local conditions and required capacity.

Optical infrastructure:

  • MPLS MBH (Mobile Back Haul), NG-SDH or NG-DWDM technology.
  • Available only for product variant: Carrier IP Connect Speci.

Professional radio infrastructure:

  • Availability from CETIN mobile base stations or fixed network aggregation sites.
  • Connecting directly on optical ring based topology.
  • Qualitative parameters are identical with optical connection.
  • Service variants:
    • Carrier Internet Basic unlicensed radio (non-coordinated frequencies 10,5 GHz, 17 GHz and 24 GHz).
    • Carrier Internet Speci licensed radio (coordinated frequencies 7-42 GHz or 80 GHz).

Copper infrastructure:

  • ADSL/VDSL/SHDSL using up to 4 copper pairs.
  • Service variants:
    • Carrier IP Connect Basic – ADSL/VDSL, SHDSL (DSLAM) – asymmetrical speeds up to 40/4 Mbps and symmetrical speeds up to 20Mbps.Carrier IP
    • Connect Speci – SHDSL (Business SHDSL) – symmetrical speeds 2 - 20 Mbps.

NNI – Ethernet Service

The NNI-Ethernet service complies with RFC 10a 4364 (BGP / MPLS IP VPN Virtual Private Networks), also known as VRF-to-VRF connections at the AS border routers.

The NNI-Ethernet service is provided on the following interfaces:

Interface type  Speed Conectors
Ethernet 1000 Base - Tx/LX 1000 Mbps RF-45F, SC/PC, LC/PC
Ethernet 10G - LR 10 000 Mbps SC/PC, LC/PC

In the case of a Partner request, the redundancy of NNI - Ethernet service can be provided individually. If the NNI - Ethernet service is used only for termination of Carrier IP Connect Wholesale services, the back-up of primary NNI point is solved by using the BGP protocol.
If a "hybrid" NNI is used which means that the NNI - Ethernet service is used to terminate Carrier Ethernet Multi service and Carrier IP Connect service, the redundancy is solved by using MC-LAG, available only in the POPs (Point of Presence) in the Czech Republic and Bratislava.
The BGP prefix limit at NNI per Partner´s VPN is 1500. Any higher route limit number is the subject to commercial agreements.
The planning of capacity utilisation of the NNI-Ethernet service is fully responsibility of the Partner. The overbooking of NNI-Ethernet service capacities allowed but CETIN is not guarantying any technical and operation parameters of the Individual Access service.

Customer Premises equipment - CPE

CETIN can provide Cisco CPE as a part of the Wholesale Services. In the case of asymmetric access the CPE is an integral part of the Individual Access services. In other cases providing CPE is optional.

CETIN offers following CPE management options for Carrier IP Connect service:

  • No CPE – own Partner or Partner´s Subscriber equipment – can be provided only in case of symmetrical access. The WAN interface of the Individual service is always Ethernet.
  • Managed CPE – the CPE is under CETIN management and the demarcation point is LAN Ethernet port of the CPE. The CPE is selected by the Partner from the list of the supported CPEs.
  • Unmanaged CPE with hardware maintenance - the CPE is delivered and installed at the End point of CETIN network with a first basic configuration by CETIN. The CPE type is selected by the Partner from the list of the supported CPEs. The hardware maintenance is the responsibility of CETIN. The management of the CPE is responsibility of the Partner. When the failure is not hardware issue but it is wrong configuration caused by Partner then Partner is billed for Baseless service maintenance departure.

CETIN provides / 32 IP addresses for IP loopback exclusively for Managed CPE options In case of other variants the Partner shall provide WAN and loopback IP addresses.


The Wholesale Carrier IP Connect service can be delivered in two options:
  • Carrier internet Basic service – delivered via copper ADSL, VDSL, SHDSL or unlicensed Point to Point radio. The Service can be provided from asymmetrical speeds 512/128 Kbps to 40/2 Mbps and symmetrical speeds from 2 Mbps to 300 Mbps. The available Service speeds are specified under 5.1 of this Appendix. The contention ratio is not applied. The guaranteed SLA is 99 level.
  • Carrier internet SPECI service – delivered via fibre, licensed professional point to point radio or SHDSL (dedicated DSLAM) technology. The Service speeds are only symmetrical and can be provided from 2 Mbps to 2 Gbps. The available Service speeds are specified under 5.1 of this Appendix. The guaranteed SLA is 99,5 level.

The overview of Wholesale Carrier IP Connect service and applied CETIN Access technologies:

Copper (DSLAM) Copper (Business SHDSL)  Unlicensed radio   Licensed radio Optical access
Carrier IP Connect Basic Yes No Yes No No
Carrier IP Connect Speci No Yes No Yes Yes


The availability of Carrier IP Connect Wholesale service can increased by a backup service – symmetrical or asymmetrical access line. The CPE is adjusted by CETIN within this optional service with an additional interface and configured to automatically establish a backup connection in even of a primary circuit failure. The Partner is responsible for back-up configuration in case of unmanaged or no CPE option.

Quality of Service (QoS)
The optional service QoS can be ordered with the Wholesale Carrier IP Connect service which enables Partner to define the usage of the capacity of the Individual Access service into individual service classes that is Class of Service. Each service class ensures the prioritization of the individual applications such as VoIP, SAP, email, Internet, etc.) in the Access and CETIN core network.

The optional service Multi-VRF can be ordered with the Carrier IP Connect SPECI service which enables Partner to create multiple separate VPNs within one circuit which terminated at the Partner or Partner’s Subscriber locality. The terms of this optional service are derived from the use of the CETIN Network access technology.

Other Service parameters

Other guaranteed parameters of Carrier IP Connect Service:

  • The Packet loss ≤ 0,01% for the optical access and radio access and 0,1% for copper access.
  • The Jitter = 5 ms (99% packets).
  • The Round Trip Delay (RTD) < 20 ms in case the End point of CETIN Network is located in the Czech Republic.
  • Minimum guaranteed packet size is 64B, guaranteed maximum size is 1500B.

Additional benefits

  • Full mesh topology (any-to-any communication).
  • Wide range of access type technology options (fibre, copper, radio).
  • QoS support.
  • Cisco CPE delivery including its management.
  • Guaranteed SLA starting with 99 level.
  • Non-stop monitoring and secured by our Help Desk specialist available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • NNI point and end point of CETIN network back-up options.
  • The largest network of own technicians to provide installation in the Czech Republic.
  • Quick delivery for own infrastructure.
  • Ethernet interface with easy and cheap implementation towards the Partner.


The subject of the SLA (agreed Service level) are the guaranteed parameters of monthly avaialability, maximum fault duration of the Service. The SLA is defined as the individual level of the Services provided by CETIN to the Partner under the Agreement. For all new Carrier type Services will be the SLA request defined in the Service order form.


Monthly Availability (%)

Max. duration (hours)

Response time (hours)

SLA 99.0




SLA 99.5




SLA 99.7




SLA 99.9




SLA 99.9xx





Service SLA 99 SLA 99,5 SLA 99,7 SLA 99,9 SLA 99,99
Carrier IP Connect Basic 0% 15% X X X
Carrier IP Connect Basic - back-up X 0% 15% 30% X
Carrier IP Connect Speci X 0% 15% indiv. X
Carrier IP Connect Speci - back-up X X X 0% indiv.


RTS Scan is a fast and simple method used to check availability of data services in the CETIN network, for example it allows immediate verification of availability of services demanded by provider’s end-users. The tool can be also used automatically through a B2B system interface connected to provider’s information system.

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