• Our social responsibility

    Our social responsibility

    By operating the largest network of telecommunications services, we are aware of our significant impact on society as a whole. That is why we maintain the highest possible quality of services, protect the environment, save as much energy as possible, protect sensitive data and respect all legislation.

  • We help

    We help

    We are aware of our place in society and we therefore want to contribute to and help the Czech Republic in ways other than just operating the largest electronic communications network. That is why we are happy to support meaningful projects. Technological development is, of course, important to us but so are the environment and culture.

  • Ethics Hotline

    Ethics Hotline

    Here you can report unethical, improper, unlawful or other conduct violating the PPF Group Code of Ethics.

    The PPF Group is a diversified investment group, both geographically and professionally. Despite this considerable diversification, the PPF Group combines respect for law, international treaties, ethics, morality and fair trade. These basic rules, that the PPF Group and its staff follow in the course of their day-to-day work, are guaranteed by the PPF Group Code of Ethics.

  • Certificates


    For our work, we have also obtained certificates that reflect its high standard.