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Společnost CETIN investuje do výstavby mobilní sítě nové generace 5G a do rozsáhlé modernizace rádiové přístupové sítě

CETIN is investing in the construction of a new generation 5G mobile network, as well as in the extensive modernization of the radio access network

CETIN has entered into an agreement of cooperation with Ericsson, the winner of the bid to supply radio access network (RAN) technologies.

In Prague on November 18, 2020 - The representatives of CETIN and Ericsson entered into an agreement to cooperate on the construction of a new generation 5G mobile network and the modernization of RAN. Extensive planned generational replacement of existing 2G, 3G and 4G technologies will improve the user experience when using mobile services, reduce the energy load of installed devices, and contribute to the efficient construction of a 5G nationwide network.

"For the entire spectrum of radio frequencies in operation, we will provide the latest 5G technology. This will not only ensure faster data transmission with minimal latency and very high transmission capacity, but also create suitable conditions for the emergence of new business models across industries," says CETIN CEO Martin Škop. "Project preparation and testing in laboratories is already currently underway. After their successful completion, we will begin the implementation of the new technology."

Arun Bansal, President and Head of Europe and Latin America, Ericsson, says: “We are very pleased to be working together with the largest provider of telecommunications infrastructure services in the Czech Republic to build a new generation mobile network. We believe that our partnership, along with the implementation of Ericsson´s innovative 5G technology, will support digital transformation and the further development of the Czech economy."

The completion of the contract marks the conclusion of the bidding process, which assessed the bids submitted by prospective suppliers according to a predetermined set of commercial, technical, and security criteria. The total value of the contract and the amount that CETIN will invest in the modernization of its mobile access network and in the construction of the 5G network is in the order of billions of crowns. Apart from investment in the FTTH optical connection construction program, this is to date CETIN's largest technological investment.

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CETIN owns, operates and modernizes the largest electronic communications network in the Czech Republic, covering 99.6% of its population.

We provide infrastructure services for fixed and mobile networks, data services for corporate networks and data centre rental, as well as international voice services for both domestic and foreign providers. We are an independent wholesale player without ties to any specific provider.  Our philosophy is grounded in the principle of providing open access to the network, under fair conditions, to all operators.
CETIN is a member of the PPF Group.

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