Poskytovatel Internetu

Internet service providers

An Internet service provider or ISP is an establishment that provides telecommunications services. In essence, ISPs provide businesses and individuals with access to anything that happens on the Internet – from emails and databases to podcasts and videogames.



ARPANET, i.e. the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, was already created in 1969. However, the commercial use of the Internet required organizations that would be able to ensure its mass deployment, implementation, and explain its benefits to the general public. Consequently, the first ISP was only formed some twenty years later, known as “The World”, operating in the United States.


In the Czech Republic

The largest telecommunications network in the Czech Republic is operated by CETIN, a member of the investment group PPF. 
CETIN cooperates with more than twenty Internet service providers in the Czech Republic, from local providers to multinational giants, such as Vodafone, O2, and T-Mobile. They all use the CETIN network to provide high-speed Internet and voice services directly to business and individuals.