Měření rychlosti internetu

Measuring Internet speed

Download, upload, IP address, ping…one can easily get it all mixed up. How can you measure Internet speed properly and what speed do you actually need?


How fast is fast enough?

The optimal Internet speed depends on a number of factors. Do you watch TV online? Are you a gamer? Do you backup large files? Use online calculators and speed tests to determine an appropriate connection speed based on your needs.


And what about those terms?

Download speed means the speed at which you download data from the Internet to your device – whether a computer, smartphone or TV.

On the other hand, upload speed refers to the speed of transfers in the other direction – how quickly you can send data from your device to the Internet, i.e. upload photos, videos or work-related content. Upload speed also affects how others would be able to see or hear you during video calls.

Ping refers to the speed of the Internet stripped down to the bare minimum – it measures time, during which one device can get a response from another device after a request is sent out. This reaction time is measured in milliseconds and it shows the network speed - irrespectively of the current traffic. A fast ping also has practical implications, as video streaming and online games require fast reaction times to ensure smooth image and gaming experience.