Rooftop antennas and satellite dishes are a thing of the past. There is a new sheriff in town - Internet Protocol Television or IPTV. It offers speed, stability, high-quality TV viewing, and countless channels.



The aforementioned stability is one of the key characteristics of Internet Protocol TV. Speeds do not vary or fluctuate depending on the number of files being downloaded or current number of network users. Not to mention the fact that it does not rely on a satellite dish that can easily be shaken up by some wind.


Where can I get IPTV?

The vast majority of providers operating in the Czech Republic currently offer IPTV services. There are also special packages available that combine IPTV with other services. If you wish to check the availability of our network at your current address, simply visit our website at zrychlujemecesko.cz. You can also contact your Internet service provider and inquire about the potential connection of your location.