It is almost unthinkable to really ask “what the Internet is” in this day and age. But perhaps this is why this question is important. Let us briefly go over what the Internet actually is, how it started, and where it is headed.

What is it?

So what exactly is the Internet? Internet means a network consisting of other networks. Or, simply put, it is a way of connecting local networks globally. It provides the world’s largest database of collected information in the history of mankind. It enables instant communication with people that are thousands of kilometers away. And it promises a future with instant access to information, communication by thoughts, and vanishing line between the virtual and physical reality. 


The history of the Internet is not only surprisingly intricate, but it is also a strikingly long one. In fact, it goes back as far as human footprints on the Moon. If you wish to review it in detail, we recommend that you read our article about How did the internet originate.