Internet přes optický kabel

Fiber-optic Internet

Fiber-optic cables bring speed, lossless transmission over great distances, and reliability. Whether you use fiber-optic Internet to stream video content or to connect to the Internet, it is an unrivaled solution. You cannot find any faster connection.


A light at the end of the tunnel

As the name suggests, fiber-optic cables consist of one or more optical fibers that transfer data at the speed of light in glass. Unlike electrical cables or wireless connectivity solutions, fiber-optic cables are much more stable in terms of data transmission speeds and they are resistant both to internal and external interferences. In theory, data transmission speeds reach thousands of Gbps per fiber and light color. Technology supporting transmission speeds of hundreds of Gbps is currently used for the CETIN backbone network for the purpose of transmitting data to the Internet; optic-fiber connections for individual users involve solutions that allow connection speeds of up to 1Gbps; however, the CETIN network is already prepared for much higher speeds going forward. Optic-fiber connections are not affected by wind or heatwaves. It is simply yet another evolutionary step on the road to a more secure and stable Internet connection.


To your doorstep

Our network comprises 65,000 km of optic-fiber cables. Consequently, we have already connected 145,000 households to 1 Gbps Internet. However, we are by no means done, as we wish to increase connection speeds throughout the Czech Republic. For example, if you are currently building a new home or simply wish to increase the speed of your existing connection, go to Optical Connection to find out more details.