Statement concerning the existence of communications network lines

Information about location of electronic communications network

There are two ways how to apply for the Statement:

1) Electronic Application

  • Here you can:

    • Complete your application and indicate the relevant area on the map;

    • Check the status of your application;

    • Help me complete the application;

    • Specify how the Statement is to be sent to you – e-mail, regular mail;

You can request assistance to complete your Application at 238 461 111. In case you are not sure how to complete the electronic Application, call 238 461 111, trained operators will help you complete and submit the application.

2) Send a printed copy of the Application to the Network Documentation Department, indicate the area you are interested in on the map:

CETIN a.s.

Technická dokumentace

Českomoravská 2510/19

190 00, Praha 9 – Libeň


See how to indicate the relevant area on the cadastral map here.

In case the Statement is not requested through the electronic Application (see point 1 above), the company will send the Statement to the applicant by regular mail, CZK 151 fee will apply.

The applicant must identify in the Application, i.e. mark on the map, the relevant area that they are asking the Statement for. The applicant may enclose any electronic attachment (e.g. photos of the area, relevant construction documents of the planned building etc.). The attachment, however, is attached for information only and is not decisive for issuing the Application. Relevant information required for the Statement to be issued is the information requested in the Application form; in particular it is the specification of the “relevant area” by the applicant (bookmark 3 “Zájmové území”).

Applicants who submit their Application online will receive their Statement free of charge from the CETIN portal. Hard copy Statements will be mailed and delivered by Česká pošta, s.p. together with an invoice, cash on delivery.

  • Once a Statement delivered by electronic mail is printed out, it has the same legal status as the hard copy Statement printed out by CETIN a.s. and mailed to the Applicant.

Digitalized plan of the communication network location (without planimetry) is provided only if you request this option in the Application, and the Statement is delivered electronically. The file is processed as DGN V 8 in Microstation.

Use the List of reasons to request the Statement to specify the reason for the Application, the list contains more detailed descriptions of individual reasons.

  • Enclosed to the Statement are also “General Conditions to Protect Electronic Communications Network Lines of CETIN a.s.” See the General Conditions here.

  • The most frequently asked questions relating to the Statements Concerning Existence of Communications Network Lines can be found here FAQ.

For detailed information about the Statement contact the help line 238 461 111

You can contact us with your comments or suggestions here.

Note: Česká pošta, s.p. cannot forward commercial parcels to new addresses (after you have moved, for example). Therefore, you will always have to specify your current valid address in the Application.


Statement pricelist, valid as of 1st January 2020

Issuing and delivering of an electronic Statement to the applicant by means of the Portal of CETIN a.s.

Price (CZK)

Price excl. VAT (CZK)

21% VAT (CZK)

Total price (incl. VAT) (CZK)

Data from Network documentation





Statement delivered via Portal


Issuing and delivering of an electronic Statement to the applicant by means of Czech Post – commercial parcel

Price (CZK)

Price excl. VAT (CZK)

21% VAT (CZK)

Total price (incl. VAT) (CZK)

Data from Network documentation










Providing of information concerning the age of the electronic communications network lines for the VAT purposes in accordance with the VAT Act no. 235/2004, Coll.

If you need to know when the electronic communication network line was set up for the VAT purposes, you will first need to request information about existence of networks on the land that is being sold.

To request this information, complete the online Application here.  The reason for application in this case is “Pre-project preparations, real estate sale/purchase”.

If you find out about existence of an electronic communications network line on your land after the Statement concerning the existence of electronic communications network lines is issued, request information about the age of the network here. State Network age for VAT purposes (Určení DPH - stáří sítě). in the subject of the message. The following information must be included in the request:

  • District (okres)

  • Cadastral area

  • Lot number

  • Ref. no. of the Statement concerning the existence of electronic communications network line