CETIN provides wholesale international voice services to +160 customers worldwide and terminates plus half a billion minutes per month with a steady growth in volume and number of partners every month. Our fully redundant network has extensive reach to many directly interconnected mobile operators and is monitored 24/7 with flexible and fast routing. Excellent quality is a necessary part of our ecosystem with support of different modes of interconnection as VoIP and TDM with various POPs options.

Voice Services

Least Cost Hubbing

A best effort solution customized to the needs of the wholesale carriers in terms of competitive pricing and focus on stable high level of quality.

We are able to adjust routing according to the customer needs in a flexible way.

Main priorities are given to:

  • Best effort in order to maximize ASR and ACD of the routes
  • Proactive Monitoring and Route  Performance Optimization
  • A customized solution meeting customer priorities and requirements
  • Flexible pricing Stable level or prices

Premium Hubbing

A solution dedicated to the customers with the highest requirements on the guarantee of the quality of the service, especially dedicated to the mobile operators.

Where available, traffic is routed using direct routes of CETIN with mobile operators in the country.

Following parameters are guaranteed:

  • Permanent Network Monitoring
  • Guaranteed level of NER
  • Maximized ASR and ACD
  • Low PDD
  • CLI and DTMF
  • Direct routing
  • Clear Speech Audio
  • Stable level or prices

ISDN Transit

Provides customers with worldwide termination of ISDN calls in highest possible quality. Designed for high quality voice service, for videotelephony, videoconferences, broadcasting services and data application.  For each ISDN call 64 kbps unrestricted channel is guaranteed.  Pricing based on minutes rate specified for each destination.

International Freephone Service

Is the reverse charged service where callers use free of charge numbers (800 type or 00800 - so called UIFN) for calling from the Czech Republic to abroad.

IFS is operated according to the ITU Recommendations E.152 and E.169, and it is provided to major international operators in the world (to their Customers) on the basis of bilateral agreement (usually both ways – see below). It is possible to arrange the access to such calls from all networks within the Czech Republic.

In the opposite direction the service is named Green Line from abroad (Zelená linka ze zahraničí). Callers abroad use free of charge numbers for calling to Customers in the Czech Republic accepting these calls (and paying for them).

Home Country Direct

Is another reverse charged service enabling visitors to the Czech Republic to call home by means of free of charge numbers (similar format as for IFS).

Callers are customers of foreign operators who after dialing the access number communicate with the living operator or with IVR to identify themselves, usually by means of the card number issued by their operator. The call is then connected and charged to this card, or billed to the called party if accepts it (similar to Collect Call). HCD is operated according to the ITU Recommendation E.153. We provide this service only as the outbound one.

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How to process orders?

CETIN offers its service partners secure system methods to process service orders and control service provisioning to their end customers.

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