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CETIN has entered into a co-investment agreement with T-Mobile on the deployment of FTTH network

The companies believe that the joint project will contribute to their efforts to make the most modern fibre network accessible to as many Czech households as possible.

In Prague on December 17, 2020 - According to the latest Digital Economy and Society Index published by the European Commission, only 29% of Czech households have access to Fiber to the Home / Building (FTTH / B) network. At the same time, there are locations where deployment is expensive or otherwise complicated, and in many of them individual operators effectively cannot invest. CETIN and T-Mobile therefore decided to roll out part of the planned fibre connections together.

"The European goal of Gigabit society, that is, the intention to enable all households to connect to an ultrafast network, is very ambitious, yet vital and we are glad that with this project we can partially contribute to its fulfilment," comments Martin Škop, CEO of CETIN. "We want to bring the most modern internet to a larger share of households and deploy our network in areas that we would not be able to cover independently under the usual conditions," he adds.

CETIN and T-Mobile will provide mutual access to the infrastructure built within the project and both companies will offer their services on it. CETIN will offer wholesale fibre internet with speed of 1 Gb/s and a full portfolio of services by providers who use CETIN's fixed network. The first households within this project should be connected already in the second half of next year.

In addition to cooperation with T-Mobile, CETIN continues to heavily invest in its individual deployment of FTTH networks. The company aims to make FTTH connections available to 1,000,000 Czech households within seven years.


Media contact:

Klára Zavadilová
+420 734 159 779


CETIN owns, operates and modernizes the largest electronic communications network in the Czech Republic, covering 99.6% of its population.

We provide infrastructure services for fixed and mobile networks, data services for corporate networks and data centre rental, as well as international voice services for both domestic and foreign providers. We are an independent wholesale player without ties to any specific provider.  Our philosophy is grounded in the principle of providing open access to the network, under fair conditions, to all operators.

CETIN is a member of the PPF Group.

PPF Group

PPF Group invests in multiple market segments including financial services, telecommunications, biotechnology, real estate and mechanical engineering. PPF Group’s growth rests on the development of traditional and new industries, the building of modern infrastructure, the digital economy and linking up Czech talent and capabilities with global opportunities. PPF Group’s reach spans from Europe to North America and across Asia. The Group owns assets worth EUR 44 billion and employs 98,000 people globally (as at 30 June 2020). PPF pays income taxes in each of 25 countries in which it operates and generates profit.