Location of networks

General information

The electronic communications network lines owned by CETIN a.s. are located by selected companies meeting the requirements set by CETIN a.s. for the service.

The builder, or a person authorized by the builder, will receive a list of companies providing the network location services in the given area together with the Statement concerning the existence of electronic communications network lines.

If the builder, or the person authorized by the builder, need to have the networks located by CETIN, a.s., they can approach any of the companies or relevant units of CETIN a.s. shown on the list.


Locating of networks by internal units of CETIN a.s.



21% VAT

Price incl. VAT

Preparation of documents to locate cable path – one case

543 CZK

114 CZK

657 CZK

Price for locating – every started hour incl. transportation

1392 CZK

292 CZK

1684 CZK

A builder, or a person authorized by the builder, requesting services of any of the companies shown on the list, will enter into a contract with a selected company; the contract will clearly specify the scope, date of delivery as well as the price of the job (locating of networks).

Once the network is located, the builder will proceed in line with the Network Location Document (Zápis o vytyčení podzemních vedení SEK).

In urgent cases, i.e. demonstrable network defects, when the companies on the list are not able to promptly locate the networks, contact the dispatching centre (dispečink) of CETIN a.s. at +420 238 461 111 to request assistance.