Network locations

Do you need to locate CETIN's electronic communications networks on your site?

  1. Apply for a Statement on the Existence of Electronic Communications Networks if you don't have it yet.
  2. Choose a company from the list of firms which meet CETIN’s requirements for the performance of this service and which perform it in your area. The list is included on the statement form. Or contact one of CETIN’s departments from the list mentioned above.

Prices for network location by CETIN’s departments:

Item Price 21% VAT Price inclusive of VAT
Preparation of documentation for locating the route of the cable line - one instance CZK 543 CZK 114 CZK 657
Price for locating - every started hour including transport CZK 1,615.4 CZK 339.2 CZK 1,955

General information on Networking

Demarcation of electronic communications networks (hereafter referred to as SEK) owned by CETIN a.s. provided by selected companies that meet the requirements of CETIN a.s. for the provision of this service.

Along with the Statement on the Existence of the Electronic Communications Network of CETIN a.s., the builder, or an entity authorised by them, will receive a list of companies that carry out network demarcation in that particular area.

If the builder, or an entity authorised by them, is interested in laying out the networks of CETIN a.s., they can directly contact one of the companies or the internal departments of CETIN a.s. from the said list.


  1. If the builder, or an entity authorised by the builder, contacts one of the companies listed, they enter into a commercial contract with the company; the contract will clearly define the scope and price of the contract (locating of networks).
  2. Once the network is located, the builder, or an entity authorised by the builder, will proceed according to the instructions provided in the Network Location Document.